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Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to NYC.  It was a bit of a bussmans holiday, after a busy season shooting weddings I thought I’d go and put my feet up on a warm sandy beach…….. No sorry, that’s what I should have done…

I didn’t have any particular plan, I’d always wanted to visit NY after seeing it on cop shows of the 80′s.  Sometimes I’d take my camera out, sometimes not.  Often it’s good to just have  look around without taking pictures and enjoy your surroundings.

It’s an amazing place, not somewhere that will massage your ego, New Yorkers are a tough bunch, there’s non of this “have a nice day” you get in the softer states.  They don’t care what kind of day you are having, you buy something then move on….. quickly..

It’s been cleaned up in recent years and feels safer than St Peter Port on a Saturday night.  I had no problem walking around day or night with my camera/lens in clear view, hell I even went to the Bronx for dinner.

Not a unique shot, there are literally thousands of pictures taken from this spot every day.  Seemed rude not to!  This is downtown Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge.

I’m not saying I was too lazy to take the ferry, just ran out of time :)

This was four shots stitched from the 36mp D800, the original is MASSIVE!!!

You have to risk getting mown down a few times to feel alive…..  Eden next to the Flatiron building.  Eden is well over 6 foot with heels and attracted more than her fair share of attention, even having her arse grabbed by an elderly woman on the Subway.

It’s difficult to convey the size of the buildings with a mere picture.  This was Trump Tower, or Plaza, or something like that, it was next to Central Park and would have decent views from the top (on a clear day)

Central Park, a mad place full of joggers/runners/keep fit-ists, thousands of em!

Times Square, the place I visited the most.  This was a Sunday afternoon but it was just as busy on Monday, Tuesday……  The big white patch in the middle is lighting from a film crew, they were everywhere around NY.

This is where everyone watches the ball drop on New Years Eve, there are people sitting here all hours.

Did plenty of this, interesting shapes with a wide angle lens!

He was lost too…..

This lot were spelling out the word Vote, I only had my zoom lens so just got the T…

Ornate light in Grand Central Station.

No idea here, the girl kept walking across the road while her mates were filming.

These are the girls that made my brekkie every morning in Koffeecake Corner.

One of the very many police officers that made my stay safe.

Chrysler Building.

Amazing things bridges, I can’t help wondering what it was like to build, especially back in the days before health and safety.

No one slows down in NY, EVER

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  1. I am a NYer, outstanding photos. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks very much Brian, much appreciated.

  3. Nice set Mike, glad to see you had a good time over in the big apple …. I can only imagine what some of the building were like ….. some amazing pics ….. really jealous !!


  4. Cheers Jem,

    Yes very much cricked neck, there are some tall buildings in London but here there is one after another after another, dozens of them right next to each other.

  5. WOW WOW And WOW!
    These are Brrriiillliiiaaannnttt Mike. You must have been like a little kid in a sweet shop. So much choice and not enough time to finish what you wanted. They must have heard about you, to send you your own PC to keep an eye on you. Ha ha. Looks like you had a great time. As Arnie would say You’ ll be back. X

  6. Cheers Auntie :)

    Yea it was everything I thought and more, I could easily live there for a couple of months. Love the people, they way they aren’t all false and arse licky like some holiday destinations, they tell it like it is!

    Give it 5 years and I’ll go back for sure :)

  7. Awesome photos! I want to be this good please! One day!

  8. Thanks Sarah, just takes practice thats all :)

  9. Very excellent work. Thanks for sharing.
    I love New York.

  10. Duuuude, that’s some collection. Hope there’s more to come….

  11. I am glad to see you had as good a trip to NYC as your images are.
    I see that you got a great feel for parts of the city, you have a good eye.

    I am in the city a lot, most of the time to shoot as well.

  12. Mike,

    We met on the plane from London to JFK. The images are great. You certainly made your way around the city. Nice job on the Chrysler building.

    Give me a shout next time you come over. I’ll follow you around and take notes.

    • Great to meet you mate, thanks for the kind words :)

      I’ll be coming back again probably in a few years, it’s an amazing place!


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