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It’s that time again already!  Time to review some of my favorite pictures of the year.  I’ve not included any wedding pictures as I’ve already done a review of them here Weddings 2012, this is a mix of the rest of my work that I enjoyed creating throughout the year.

Ideas come from many different sources, some from early influences, some from ideas thought up while daydreaming in coffee shops and some are when actually shooting and running out of ideas!

Picking a few favorites is hard but I’ve whittled them down to the selection below.

Starting with Cassie, a great girl who I’ve photographed many times over the years.  This was taken back in January when I was trying out a new softbox I’d bought, it was taken down at Petit Bot on the south coast.  Often pictures are not about what you light but what you don’t.

The landscape is an ever changing subject, the time when the weather, light and tide all come together (and often the season) can be very short.  The area around the slipway at Lihou Island is one such place and needs a very high tide to be at it’s best.

The first of the Inter Insular competitions agains Jersey in 2012.  April Turvey was kind enough to come over and model for us, she has not only a great look but works incredibly hard to give us the best pictures.  We were faced with very strong winds and limited venues but this is often when the best pictures can be made.

This picture was taken for CRS (Corporate Risk Solutions) as part of an advertising campaign and for use on their website.  I took a shot every five minutes around sunset and merged them together to give the light to dark look.  It was freezing cold and I spent the time between pics shivering in my car!

This picture of Alice was taken as part of an exhibition I shot with the help of Martin Dean.  The idea was for Alice to pose with members of the rugby club, it was a freezing cold evening in February, far too cold for a short skirt, but A’ce didn’t complain and helped us take this great moody sports shot.

Ann putting in another big effort during a GVC race, It’s very rare to take a picture of Ann in full flight with her mouth closed…

Chloe is another CP favorite, this picture was taken out at Icart while I was trying out a new light.  Chloe swished her dress about 10 times before we managed to get a great look from it.  A simple but effective picture.

Another freezing day (I have much more time for this in the winter) when Shanine posed for me again at Icart, this was mid afternoon but a bit of in camera trickery makes it look like late evening.

This picture of Clarice was taken at Saumarez Manor using only natural light and reflectors.  I use all kinds of lights and modifiers but sometimes I like to use just what is available.  The dark room and big windows make it a great venue for portraits, Clarice added an extra touch of class :)

You can see a pattern emerging here, being a portrait photographer there are a lot of people here!  This picture was taken when I was testing a new lens out.  Eden models for the courses I run and has never ever smiled, mind you sitting on cold trees at the Guet neither would you :)

I was commissioned to take some pictures of the market buildings for their new website designed and built by Crowd Media It involved a lot of fun pictures showing the area as the vibrant centre it is.  This pretty much sums up the area in the summer!

Next are a few pictures from the Inter Insular photography competition held against Colin Cruickshank of Jersey we went to London Town and hired a couple of top models, Sky Seraphin and Katalin Kallo and travelled around taking pictures.  This one was taken in the middle of Regent Street in the road.  Colin was behind me with the light and Sky did an ace job on the posing!

This is a picture I’ve wanted to take for many years.  Often good pictures come from ideas (formed in coffee shops) that may take many years to carry out.  Here we planned the last shot of the day outside Picadilly Circus as dusk was settling.  Again Colin was behind me with the light.

Katalin is a stunning lady with the longest hair I’ve ever seen!  We found an old memorial which was open to the air but shaded to the bright sun.  This pictures was taken with just natural light reflecting off the light wall behind.

Nathan wanted some pictures of himself with his new bike, I knew from earlier in the year the slipway at Lihou would be a great venue, it just meant having the tides and weather being kind for us.  A low angle added strength to the image.

Some jobs are a touch more fun than others, in this instance Jon and Jenna took me to Herm for an early morning engagement shoot.  Walking along the beach at 8am with just a t-shirt (and trousers) on was something I’ll not forget in a hurry.  This early it’s like having your own private beach.  We are much looking forward to their wedding next year.

Slow shutter speeds can give cycling images a bit extra.  Here young record holder Sophie was competing in an evening race and I used a low angle and shot through the flowers with a slow shutter speed to give the image a bit extra.

This is one of my favorite studio pictures, a nice mood and atmosphere.  Jessica has a great look but wasn’t so keen on this one (I was :) )

I take a few cycling pics during the early morning races and this is one of my favorites from the year.  They say a good picture tells a story, in this one you can see the sheer concentration and effort as Marina and Charlie head towards the finish line of this two up race, perfect harmony and with matching outfits (not usually a good thing for women to turn up in the same gear…)

Can’t beat a bit of black and white.  Nikita brought her siblings along for a portrait session for Mothers Day, this one is a favorite of mine, great connection between them all.

In October I went to New York for a few days, I’ve always wanted to go there after seeing the cop shows of the 70′s on TV.  A huge amount is filmed in NYC, two of the films I saw on the plan over (Spiderman and Batman) were filmed there and I saw a few film crews over there busy working.  This is Eden next to the Flatiron building, Eden is 6ft without heels and is an imposing figure next to the building.

Times Square, somewhere I visited often for it’s amazing diversity, light shows and general mad city 100mph feel.

Everyone needs a coffee break and I found an amazing place called Koffeecake Corner, I was pleased the ladies that made my morning brew were happy to pose for a picture!

I don’t often photograph pets, in fact the only two I’ve shot in the last two years were both for the same person!  I used a fish eye here for the big nose effect :)

Nearly finished, this was the move into our new studio late this year.  At last somewhere we can really get to work on all the ideas we have for 2013!

I teach photography at many levels, this stunning picture of the Hanois was taken by Rob Robilliard on one of my landscape courses.  A great picture that would grace any wall.

All of the courses I run are great fun, this one was the first all women day out.  Did I feel a bit scared?  Hell yea :)


My favorite image from 2012?  Hard to say, there are so many that I enjoyed creating.  This one however has all the ingredients including an idea, planning, great subject and lucky with the weather and is my winner for 2012.

What will 2013 bring?  Hopefully plenty more like the above as we have no shortage of ideas :)  Please feel free to leave a comment if you agree or have a different opinion!





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Wow thank-you for our amazing wedding book we both love it and our parents love their wedding books as well and also for our framed picture its lovely.

We would both like to Thank you and Shanine for all of your help and for making our day very special and of course for our beautiful photo’s, you both made us feel very relaxed the morning of our wedding and through out the day.

Zoe and Steve

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