Rock and Roll French Style…


In Creative Photography’s wedding experience teachers make the greatest organisers and Laura Delafontaine was absolutely no exception.  This was a perfect and beautifully orchestrated ceremony as well as a wonderful fusion of all that is French and all that is Guernsey.

Laura and Florian’s story is a lovely one which is theirs to tell, it is merely our job to show you their wedding day which was amazing.  We must pay tribute to Laura’s Dad, the BEST American pancake maker ever, who momentarily distracted Ally with his griddle skills.  Thanks Dave!!The ceremony was held at St James and was conducted in both French and English, a real testimony to Laura and Florian’s bilingual families.  On to Candie Gardens where the French showed Creative Photography how to pose for group shots French style!!

Laura and Florian’s first dance was a sight to behold which they first practiced outside St James in the dark and then recreated for us on the beach the following day.

Since they live in France our brief was to create a couple shoot which would always be reminiscent of Guernsey.  So we did.  Cows, fishing boats, up the ladder at St Martins and all.  The post wedding shoot ended at Vazon with the pair of them willing to drench eachother in the sea.  Now those are the brides and grooms we like!

Laura and Florian we had so much fun, thank you.

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“Oh my god!! These are great!! Love them!! Love the one with the blowy hair she looks so happy! I just love them!! You’ve done a fabulous job, thank you so much, just absolutely brilliant!”


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